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Reviving the blog

by David Walker on 9 August, 2018

After a long gap, partly caused by cashing in my NI contributions by calling on the services of Leicester Royal Infirmary and Queens’ Medical Centre in Nottingham, (Iam now fit and well) and partly by standing for election to parliament, I am now restarting this regular blog. The blog is easily accessible without the need […]

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Local and National Politics

by David Walker on 20 November, 2017

Conservative Councillors complain that they cannot solve local problems because of constraints imposed by the central Conservative Government. “It’s not our fault gov” is the message. But if they cannot solve local problems because of Conservative Party policy then we, the voters, should make sure that they are defeated in local elections in order to […]

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East Midlands Regional Conference

by David Walker on 22 October, 2017

A great day yesterday in Southwell for the Autumn Conference of the East Midlands Lib Dems. Our President reported that we have had an increase in membership of 1,200 in the last year and now have 5,000 members in the region. Baroness Brinton (Sal) National President of the Lib Dem Party opened with resounding congratulations […]

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To restore Democracy

by David Walker on 16 February, 2017

Democracy: rule by the people is good in theory, but as Churchill said “a dreadful system, but all the others are worse”. Democracy is in now under threat and the “worse” others are gaining power. We can and must push back against this. Democracy needs to be defined, supported, strengthened and argued for. Lib Dems […]

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The swing to the Lib Dems Continues

by David Walker on 11 February, 2017

Local Council By Election results continue the tremendous swing to the Lib Dems and the loss of confidence in other parties. In part this is due to the stirling efforts of local parties and local candidates, but it is also a growing recognition the the Conservatives are threatening all our futures by withdrawing from free […]

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After the first world war there was a peace conference in Versailles. The French Minister of Commerce and Industry, Etienne Clémentel, proposed a “new economic order” based on European cooperation. America opposed it and Britain failed to support it. It was rejected. Jean Monnet, a young assistant to Etienne Clémental  recognised the potential of that […]

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The Brexit campaign are in cloud cuckoo land

by David Walker on 29 February, 2016

Just heard Chris Grayling saying on Radio 4 “EU Countries are going to want to export to the UK, which is a bigger market for them than remaining EU countries are a market for the UK. So, of course, there will be a deal” Another attempt to deceive by untruths. Any restriction on the import […]

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Great to be a Lib Dem

by David Walker on 28 February, 2016

These are times when it is great to be a Lib Dem. I spent yesterday at the Lib Dem Regional Spring Conference. I was among good people spending time debating the way forward to change the politics of the UK. It was inspiring to be with such a super group of people. I have just […]

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EU Accounts approved by Auditors, every year.

by David Walker on 26 February, 2016

Increasingly often I hear the incorrect statement that the EU is corrupt and that it’s accounts have never been approved. This is not true: The Auditors have approved the accounts every year since 2007. “The European Commission welcomed today the European Court of Auditors’ latest report on the management of the EU budget. It states […]

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Common misconception:

by David Walker on 24 February, 2016

I keep hearing it from people in Loughborough: “If we leave the EU, they would still want to trade with us” This misses the point. Within the EU an order from Bulgaria to Taylors of Loughborough to supply bells for a church would involve no more red tape than an order from Brighton. However after […]

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