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Great to be a Lib Dem

by David Walker on 28 February, 2016

These are times when it is great to be a Lib Dem.

I spent yesterday at the Lib Dem Regional Spring Conference. I was among good people spending time debating the way forward to change the politics of the UK. It was inspiring to be with such a super group of people.

I have just read the speech of Tim Farron to the Spring Conference of the Scottish Lib Dems.

Do read it !

In Tim we have a great leader, of a great party.


I am looking forward to meeting with Tim and others at the Spring Conference of the Lib Dems in York in a few weeks time, and will report on it.

Lib Dem membership is soaring and they are taking council seats from the Tories at bye elections.

The next big issue for this country is the EU Referendum. Lib Dems, and many many other organisations will be fighting the prejudice and distortions that may make people make the disastrous decision to leave the EU.

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