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East Midlands Regional Conference

by David Walker on 22 October, 2017

A great day yesterday in Southwell for the Autumn Conference of the East Midlands Lib Dems. Our President reported that we have had an increase in membership of 1,200 in the last year and now have 5,000 members in the region.

Baroness Brinton (Sal) National President of the Lib Dem Party opened with resounding congratulations to all those who had campaigned in elections and by elections during the year. From her membership of the House of Lords she is able to witness the continuing collapse of the Tory Party which is now threatening to take the country to the immensely damaging situation of cancelling our membership of the single market without any arrangement to deal with customs and excise for our imports, with any agreement on how we trade with the EU and the rest of the world,

Our new MP Layla Moran was full of enthusiasm for the unique position of the Liberal Democratic party which is now the focus for the rapidly growing numbers who realise that a vote to leave the EU on the basis of blatent lies was a terrible mistake and that we now need to gain support for remaining in the EU and for a comprensive overhaul of our failing education system with a return to comprehensive schools under the control of our democratically elected local government.

And there was so much more: sessions on the plight of child migrants, on the nonsense of cancelling the electrification of the remaining part of the Midland Main line, and lots of time for making contacts. A great day. There were five members from Loughborough and all of us contributed to the debates and disussion.

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