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Trade freely with the EU after Brexit? This is a big lie.

by David Walker on 22 February, 2016

Within the EU: a british manufacturer of, say Wellington boots, (and there are some) can load up a lorry and send it for sale to Italy. After we leave the EU: these are the rules including a 17% import duty: ————————————————————————————————– Import duty & taxes when importing into Italy Overview Import duty and taxes are […]

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Euro-referendum; Opinions in Loughborough Market

by David Walker on 21 February, 2016

A very worrying two hours in the cold and wet in Loughborough Market on Saturday Morning, handing out leaflets and arguing the case for maintaining our vitally important role as one the three major powers at the heart of Europe. Far too many people responded with “I’m for OUT” My guess is that it was […]

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Soundbites are not good enough.

by David Walker on 19 February, 2016

Watching the TV coverage of the High Court Ruling on Joint Enterprise yesterday I noted that there was no mention of the most dramatic, and most disturbing use of the concept of Joint Enterprise. The case was that of Derek Bentley, who was executed for a murder committed in what has been described as a […]

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This is getting serious

by David Walker on 1 February, 2016

The Conservatives promised a referendum on the Alternative Vote. They then spent a vast amount of money and told many lies to persuade people to vote against it. This was bad news for the future of democracy in this country, but it was not a disaster, and we can return to the issue of voting […]

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The Media is essential to democracy.

by David Walker on 10 November, 2015

We can only be full members of a properly functioning democracy if the media: radio, television, newspapers, journals and the internet provide information that is accurate, unbiased and truthful and reveals and publicises the cheating, hypocrisy and secrecy which many would use to neuter public opinion and political action. It is deeply worrying when a […]

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Population Predictions or Analysis for Planning

by David Walker on 7 November, 2015

A few days ago the Office of National Statistics reported predictions that the UK Population would reach 70 Million in 2026, an increase of 5 millions in just over ten years. Such an increase in population has enormous policy implications, yet the political response is the continual cry for more houses. A detailed examination of […]

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Only the Lib Dems stood against the Iraq disaster

by David Walker on 3 November, 2015

We have long suspected that Tony Blair was seduced by the right wing of the American Republican Party who believe that guns and bombs can solve problems. He has now made the spurious claim that “we” were misled by false information. But his persecution of David Kelly who revealed the fact that Iraq did not […]

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A perverse incentive?

by David Walker on 30 October, 2015

I always believed that an incentive that leads to something against the public interest could be considered to be perverse. Looking at the Chilcot Enquiry Website I find: Members of the Iraq Inquiry Committee are paid at the following rates: Chairman – £790 per day; Committee members – £565 per day. These rates have not […]

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Britain needs more, not less, rented housing.

by David Walker on 8 October, 2015

I tend to be very cautious about drawing conclusions from statistical associations, but there is an association between high levels of renting and economic success. The continuing policies to convert rented accommodation to private ownership, which David Cameron reiterated in his presentation to the Conservative Party Conference is deeply worrying The percentage of the population […]

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What a stupid allocation of educational resources

by David Walker on 3 September, 2015

David Cameron has tweeted “My pledge to create 500 free schools in next 5 years will give more parents the security of knowing their child is getting a great education” This is really stupid. We know that free schools will go to areas where parents are well organised and affluent, not to areas where schools […]

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